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Welcome to Moston Methodist Church


Coronavirus guidance

In accordance with Government and Methodist Church national policy concerning the coronavirus we regret that this church building is closed for public worship until further notice.

Update - 24th June 2020

Please note that the church building will not re-open for worship until such time as further guidance has been received from the Methodist Church and appropriate safeguards have been put in place.  For clarity, the church building will NOT be reopening for worship at the beginning of July 2020.


The Methodist Church is producing Service Sheets

These short acts of worship have been produced for you if you are unable to attend church.  If you are well enough why not spend a few moments with God, knowing that other people are sharing this act of worship with you?


The Manchester Methodist Circuit

Visit their website for 'Prayers for Comfort and Strength'
and where resources for worship on Sunday will be posted.


See what members of the congregation have been doing over Easter whilst in isolation.


Link to: Manchester Circuit, Re-Opening Statement (9th June 2020)

Link to: Resources for Junior Church


Messages from our Minister

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Dear Friends,

Yesterday marked the end of Methodist Conference – that time of year when appointments are made, a new President & Vice-President are inducted, ordinations take place, discussions, decisions and resolutions made. However, this year has been much different. Everything live streamed, our representatives stayed at home and logged in for each session and service. Our Probationer Presbyters & Deacons were received into Full Connexion which was a rather moving service as I prayed for those I knew and those I didn’t, and remembered the time in 2005 when I stood on the stage at Torquay Conference for my own reception into Full Connexion. Our probationers do not know when or where they will be ordained due to Covid-19 restrictions but we hold them all in our prayers as we wait for decisions to be made and preparations to begin. This year’s President is Rev Richard Teal and our Vice-President is Carolyn Lawrence. Please have a look on for more information about them.

This morning I had the task of taking our family car to the garage – it has had a sticky clutch pedal on and off for a few months despite being looked at. Last week – driving home from the circuit – it began to stick again and the next day refused to move. Today was its appointment to get to the garage for repair. The car needs to have its clutch depressed for the engine to start – once I did that, I discovered that it didn’t want to connect, or lift back up. After many minutes, I managed to get the car in first gear and start the engine enough to set off to remove the automatic handbreak. The half mile journey was horrendous – I knew I couldn’t move beyond first gear and the pedal was stuck down. I prayed and screamed all the way there that at 8.20am no car would be cutting through the back streets, no one blocking any entrances and that I could drive into the garage car park. Thankfully this happened. No one was hurt, no car was on the road, no one pulled out on me, no pedestrian stepped out. As soon as I touched the break, I stalled and came to a halt. Thankfully I was at the garage door and in the safe capable hands of mechanics. The owner had never seen me so quiet. I know a shock. But It got me thinking as I walked home thanking God for the courage and calmness to get me to where I needed. The car struggled to get started, then once it did – I had to go very slowly and stay alert to all around. How true is that of our own walk with God? Sometimes we fall out of good habits – of talking to God, praying, reading our bibles, fulfilling our calling, sharing faith…..and when we try and make a start, we want to go straight into the fast lane. Lockdown is doing funny things to all of us….lets encourage each other this week to pause and think about where we are on our spiritual journey. Is it time to reconnect with God, with each other, and with our daily discipleship habits. I know I need to pause and step away from the computer and do that this week. Let us put ourselves in to God’s safe hands for Him to guide us and draw alongside us.

A prayer written by our President of Conference:

Gracious God, many of us feel like your people of the past
In exile
Teach us all to sing a new song where we can celebrate your absolute faithfulness to humanity
and your created order come what may.
May this reorientation to new life be found
In the cross and resurrection of your Son and the power of your Holy Spirit.
Summon us to the life, vision and values of your kingdom
And may we be strengthened to flourish and given the confidence to play our part
In the new life that you are constantly bringing into being
For the best of all is, God is with us. Amen

With love and prayers, Sharon

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