Moston Methodist Church

Minister – Rev Sharon Read

POSTED ON: 25 June 2020

Letter from our minister 25/06/2020

Thursday 25th June 2020

Dear Friends,

This week I want to update you on events within the life of our church building. There has been lots said across the media, from Boris Johnson, from The Methodist Church and within the life of Manchester Methodist Circuit. This week – all four church councils have met with the main item to talk about reopening. A huge thank you to all of you who joined on zoom and especially those who logged on for the first time. As someone who is struggling with zoom – I think you are all amazing. It was lovely to see your faces for the ‘first time in forever’ to use a phrase from the film Frozen.

Following on from our church councils – we had honest discussions about keeping everyone safe and reopening our buildings. Crumpsall, Hope, Long Street and Moston have ALL decided to NOT open the building until there are clearer guidelines and further restrictions lifted. To wait until it is safer and more of us can gather. There is great sadness is knowing that a good proportion of our congregations are in the category are being unable to be back – over 70s, shielding at home, shielding someone else in the household or classed as at risk. We wait until we are able to gather safely. To my knowledge other church buildings in the circuit are remaining closed too. Until then we can access worship through daily prayer at 9am when many of us pause at that time; through the circuit service at 6 for 6.30pm on zoom, through material available on the circuit website. Many of you are enjoying Sunday morning services on the radio and television or accessing other online services. There are whats-app groups for all churches – if you would like to be added then please get in touch. Circuit bible study continues on Thursday nights. As our buildings remain closed – please continue to get in touch with people. If you haven’t heard from anyone recently, then do pick up the phone or write a letter or send a text. Things may slowly be reopening and work places are welcoming more employees back, but some of us are still home. Can I point you to the Junior Church material – available on the circuit website with a clip going on youtube every Saturday ready for your use. If you aren’t receiving material or cant access it then please let me know and we can try and help get a printed copy or email to you. For those of you who have watched – please let me know…I would love some interaction. Thank you to our treasurers and stewards who are doing so much to keep us going along with pastoral visitors working hard. Our treasurers are juggling budgets and bills even though our buildings are closed. If you would like to send them any collection you have put on one side throughout lockdown or set up a bank transfer then please get in touch with me for Crumpsall, Janet Bailey for Hope, Geoff Grime for Long Street and Graham Ascroft for Moston. Again if you need help with anything – let me know.

Tomorrow is my 15th anniversary of my ordination that took place in Buckfastleigh during Torquay Conference. 15 years ago I never expected or imagined the skills I would have to learn so fast as we experience this COVID19 lockdown. I am still processing all that God is teaching me and showing me as well as working through the cycles of fears and struggles that we are all going through. I am doing the things I can and embracing all that is new and giving it my best shot…..embracing the stuff outside my comfort zone. This I know with all my heart though – through the ups and downs, from mountaintops to deep valleys, through darkness and light – nothing separates me (and you) from the love of God that is found in Jesus Christ. I’m holding on tight through this and watching for the rainbows. And I pray every day that each of you are too. Please shout if you are struggling – to a friend in your church, to your pastoral leader, to me – don’t go it alone – find someone to listen and pray.

With love and prayers, Sharon

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