Moston Methodist Church

Minister – Rev Sharon Read

POSTED ON: 19 November 2020

Letter from our minister 19/11/2020

Thursday 19th November 2020

Dear friends

Does it annoy you when you convince yourself of something – but the truth is so different. Yesterday after not sleeping again I finally admitted to myself that perhaps I did in fact have an ear infection. A week ago I woke up with one of my ears buzzing and rather painful. I did what I normally do – take some pills, rub some vicks vapour on (my answer for everything) and get on with it…..but yesterday I couldn’t take any more and decided I had to reluctantly phone the Doctors. I got a telephone consultation straight away and was asked to attend the surgery. The end result was that I have no infection, temperature or inflammation.  However, I have pulled a muscle in my neck that runs from my ear to my sternum (I think this is called the sternocleidomastoid muscle). The prodding from the doctor caused lots of screaming from me. End result – anti-inflammatories to take and a hot water bottle to my ear. I am still in somewhat shock and processing this. After sitting with a hot water bottle to my ear most of last night – the relief is huge. So I am going to take a few days rest and do that in the hope that the muscle recovers and I can resume normal life again following lockdown restrictions of course. In front of me opens up (yes frustration at not being able to do
things) an opportunity to begin advent a little sooner….in the quiet to be still before God and rest in Him while I rest my muscles.

All of us have opportunity in the coming week to Advent. To watch and wait….to pause and pray and be still. There are events happening in the circuit I wish to invite you to…if you are receiving this letter by post you will be receiving the Advent booklet for Sunday mornings. We would love it if you create your own advent candle display and there are 2 ideas. I look forward to seeing photos of your creations. I encourage you to use this liturgy whether you join us on zoom via video call or telephone…it helps us all stay in step together. Every day from the 1st December there will be a virtual Advent Calendar available from the Circuit website or social media. This is a different way to count down to Christmas with us. Join us each day for part of the story, a Random Act of kindness and a prayer. Also every Wednesday evening 6pm-7pm on zoom there is “Expectant Waiting through Advent” – an opportunity to join together in prayer and silence and music and conversation considering the topics of Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Help me to hear your voice.
Touch me once again.
Give me the courage to be your beloved.
Give me courage to choose joy.
I need you now this Christmas.
Be born in me again. Today.
In Jesus' name, Amen.

~Bonnie Gray, from “Why it Takes Courage to Choose Joy”

Have a great week. Stay safe. Stay well. Hold each other in prayer. I look forward to seeing you on our zoom service this Sunday. If you haven’t seen the publicity there are lots new regular events with our circuit team: bible study, quiz nights, coffee mornings, film club and so much more. Check out the website and social media sites.

Love and prayers, Sharon

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