Moston Methodist Church

Minister – Rev Sharon Read

POSTED ON: 17 July 2020

Letter from our minister 16/07/2020

Thursday 16th July 2020

Dear Friends,

Today has been an emotional day in the Vicarage – an unexpected invite to a final zoom class call this afternoon and instructions to those children who aren’t in school to collect a leavers bag before it. So for the last time – Lucy and I walked to school and for a brief moment we held hands…..7 school years ago, Lucy began life at All Souls Primary in Nursery with her older big brother a few years ahead. She had just turned 3 having a July birthday and I remember her tiny little hand in mine eager to get to school with her reading bag and struggling to walk home being tired. Today she left Year 6 – so many memories over the years and so much learning and many adventures. We were all on zoom as the school said goodbye, PowerPoints of work, poems and photos taken in lockdown. We took a final photograph in school uniform to add to the wall in our dining room. No graduation ceremony but special time together and tears did flow. There are certain things that we will always remember – as adults when we look back – we don’t remember everything, well I certainly don’t, but I remember moments of achievements, special memories, times of being courageous, times of sadness. As I pondered with you last week – my thoughts are still there as we head out of lockdown and look ahead, all with the threat that Coronavirus is still very much real and taking lives from us. How do we mark this time? What have we learnt? Where do we move forward to? Lucy moves to High School….but for us, we wait for the time when we can be physically together again. We have learnt that the church isn’t the building – its you and me, adapting our calling, our gifts, our talents to a very new way of BEING church and BEING children of God.

As this week marks the end of the school year – we pray for our children and young people who have been amazing in lockdown, we pray for those who have lost a loved one, we pray for those who are scared of coronavirus and worried about how to manage when all schools and colleges reopen in September. We pray for those receiving results for GCSEs, A-levels, Degrees, Masters and other qualifications and for those moving to new schools, colleges, leaving home to go to University and leaving education. We pray for teachers and all education staff who have worked in very new ways. And for parents who have juggled their own work & education along with redundancies and job losses while home schooling.

From the Roots website: 

As the school journey ends,
We thank you, God for being with us through this strange year.
We thank you, God for being near us as we learnt at home
We thank you, God for surrounding us when we struggled
We thank you, God for loving us when we were cross
We thank you, God for smiling with us when we learnt a new skill
We thank you, God for showing us the importance of the small things in life.
We thank you, God for listening to us when we prayed about the big things in life.
We thank you, God for being present at the end in July and
We thank you, God that you will be there at the new beginning in September.

With love and prayers, Sharon

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