Moston Methodist Church

Minister – Rev Sharon Read

POSTED ON: 13 August 2020

Letter from our minister 13/08/2020

Thursday 13th August 2020

Dear Friends, 

I have just returned from holiday having had wonderful days out to the coast – Lytham and Ainsdale / Southport amongst a few. We have loved the family time without having to think about school work or church responsibilities. I have to say – not thinking about risk assessments for 2 whole weeks was wonderful. We fitted in many walks, trips to the beach, bike rides and I kept up with my running. We had many picnics and we definitely added sand to the sandwiches on a few occasions. We played games, laughed lots and saw family. The real joy was in rest and relaxation and being able to be still. I have naturally woken early for many months now and have appreciated more and more quiet time at the start of the day with a coffee.

I have pondered how life has changed so much this year – when we closed at the lockdown, I really did think we would be back before we know it – yet all these weeks later life is very different – still maintaining social distancing (a phrase we use all the time now but not then) and wearing face masks in shops and enclosed spaces. When I go to leave the house – its not just phone and keys I check I have but hand sanitiser, face mask, wipes etc. It feels like the check lists to go anywhere gets longer and longer. But it’s what we must do to stay safe and stay alert and keep the virus away. I made little progress while on holiday in going to places and if you see me on zoom – I still haven’t made it to the hairdresser, or out for coffee and the nearest thing to eating a meal was a bag of chips bought at the chippy window to eat walking by the beach (because they always taste so much better that way).

You might say that the church is closed – but that’s really only true of our buildings, for the church is as open as ever. Instead of worship being something we only think of as happening in Churches – its now happening in homes up and down the country and across the world. Experience of Church is going far wider than our church family as people have access via all the different ways the internet can offer and through mail shots. I am still grappling with zoom, but who would have thought that I would be recording bible stories for use for Junior church and holiday clubs – all available via our circuit website. Our circuit zoom service at 6 for 6.30pm is increasing in attendance. Without leaving the comfort of our home – we can access morning prayer, chat via whatsapp and email with prayer requests, attend worship and bible study and a whole lot more. We are engaging more and more which is rather exciting once we prepare to step out of our comfort zone. I was delighted on Tuesday to sit watching a member munch her crisps while chatting away. It made me smile and reminded me how I much I miss seeing all your faces. And if I miss all your faces, then you must be missing each other all the more.

Carrying on is really what it’s all about, isn’t it? As God’s people we are encouraged to ‘keep the faith’, to continue to pray, to read our Bibles and be witnesses to the love and hope that is within us. Jesus never promised that when we became a Christian it would make life easy, what He did do was promise that He would be with us and send the Holy Spirit. In John 14:16 the Holy Spirit is described in different translations as Comforter, Advocate and Helper. So in the midst of trouble, we can be assured that we are not on our own. None of us have ever lived through a pandemic or know what we should be doing. We continue to pray and know that we are never alone, for our Comforter and Helper has been with us, and we are also able to telephone, write, message, keep in contact via email, websites, social media and see one another on zoom and other video messenging ways. If you have a smart phone and haven’t been able to work out how – then please get in touch and we can try and help.

With love and prayers, Sharon

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