Moston Methodist Church

Minister – Rev Sharon Read

POSTED ON: 10 February 2021

Letter from our minister 10/02/2021

Wednesday 10th February 2021

Dear Friends,

Every day we hear about the latest numbers of those vaccinated against the Coronavirus and it is staggering to watch that number dramatically increase. I have been interested in what actually happens when you go for your vaccine. So I decided to make that the topic this week. I have been listening to all of you share your experiences, but for those of you still waiting, still unsure and still nervous about it all, here is the accounts of people’s experience.

Brenda H, Rod and Val (from Long St) shared with me that the welcome you receive is just wonderful. From the moment you approach the building to when you leave there is someone with you….a different volunteer along the way. There is a room with a bed in for anyone who does have a reaction. Brenda felt very reassured that this bed remained empty the whole time she was there on both visits.

Paula Collins writes, ‘I was phoned on Saturday morning by a young man asking if he could book me an appointment for my first Covid19 jab. I was amazed I'm 59 and wasn't expecting to be called for quite a while yet, but apparently, I appear on the vulnerable list! What amazed me even more was that they wanted me to go on Sunday morning - so at 9.30, smartly dressed and with make up on, I set off for my 10.05 appointment. Having sat in my car for 20 minutes I walked into the Arndale Centre at Middleton to the Medical Centre to be met by a volunteer who asked brightly "are you here for the vaccination?" She then took my temperature and pointed me to the reception desk where they found my details gave me a form and a raffle ticket. I sat down and waited whilst another, very cheerful, volunteer called the numbers out before me. There were lots of quips about having a winning number and everyone seemed to be smiling behind their masks. After a short wait my number came up and I went into a room to be met by a very efficient nurse and I was jabbed before I knew it. I was then shown the way out and that was that. I left feeling very impressed by the efficiency of the whole operation, grateful to the volunteers, privileged and relieved, it really was a special event.

Deacon Pru Cahill is a volunteer and she writes, ‘Along with a team of around 20 other volunteers, I've been helping at one of the vaccination centres in North Manchester. The sessions are very well-run and the aim is to make the appointment for each person as straightforward as possible. There is a one-way system round the surgery so that no-one can get lost. I've been helping in the last stage - in a marquee - where each patient is escorted to a seat and asked to and wait for 15 minutes to make sure they are well before leaving. (Everyone has been so far!) From the point of arrival, each patient is guided through registration and vaccination, and the process explained. When people have had questions, the medical staff have been attentive and reassuring in their responses. I've really enjoyed being part of such a friendly team of people and seeing the difference we are all making to a good outcome from the pandemic.

We give thanks for every part of the vaccination process – for all those who have been part of the research to production for the vaccines to the amazing NHS and volunteers who are helping us all receive the vaccine in order to move out of lockdown and these restrictions that we all follow: hands, face, space!

Lord God, we entrust to you the families and communities
affected by Coronavirus, wherever they may be.
We pray especially for health care workers, that you may guide and protect them.
We pray that your Spirit might inspire those researching new medicines and treatments
And seek your protection on all those carrying out their roles within the Vaccine programme.
And in the midst of this, keep us strong in faith, hope and love. Grant us the courage and perseverance to be good neighbours. Amen.

Stay safe. Stay well. Hold each other in prayer. Don’t forget, I would love to hear your story of faith. Please get in touch.

Love and prayers, Sharon

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