Moston Methodist Church

Minister – Rev Sharon Read

POSTED ON: 9 December 2020

Letter from our minister 09/12/2020

Wednesday 9th December 2020

Dear friends

When technology works – its great isn’t it? One of the things that amazes me is that my phone and various social media accounts like to remind me of what I was doing this time last year and going back sometimes rather a long time. This week it has reminded me of Christmas fairs, carol singing, Christmas meals and my frequent visits to the Christmas markets along with a variety of cups showing different Christmas coffees (that won’t come as a surprise). It has made me smile, giggle and shed a tear or two. Over breakfast, our son Ian remarked how it didn’t feel Christmassy this year because we hadn’t done the traditional things. What he meant was all the things we do every year as a family and in our churches that all help us in our journey towards Christmas. The Coronavirus Pandemic has stopped so much of what we normally do, but I hope that we are rediscovering new things too. The new things can be rather exhausting, stressful, frustrating and send our blood pressure rising, but they also give us opportunity to embrace things that we would never have done and to quote one of my members ‘step out of comfort zone.’

One of my great joys this last week is seeing your faces on screen because like you, I am missing being present with you. another is seeing a project that I have worked so hard on – actually happening: the virtual advent calendar is such a joy watching every day people’s creativity. If you haven’t discovered it yet, please head to the circuit website

I want to encourage you to hold tight and hang in there this week: this pandemic has taken so much away from us – especially spending time with those we love. Whatever you are feeling – it is ok to be feeling like that. Every day can seem like a roller coaster of ups and downs, of energy and unmotivation. Matthew 11:28 says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” I hope during this period of Advent that you can find some space to do just that – turn off the phone, shut the door and spend time with Jesus.

O God, we are your people
You call us to live in peace with our neighbours.
Help us to build a place of peace wherever we are.

This was circulated on social media this week and it resonated with me:

It’s ok if right now
Is not “the most wonderful
Time of the year.

Have a great week. Stay safe. Stay well. Hold each other in prayer. I look forward to seeing you on our zoom service this Sunday – bring along your advent wreath. Don’t forget to check out the “Virtual Advent Calendar” on the Circuit website and social media. Join me on Wednesday at 6pm for Expectant Waiting in Advent. If you don’t do zoom and would like to use the same material I am using then please get in touch and I can let you have a copy.

Love and prayers, Sharon

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