Moston Methodist Church

Minister – Rev Sharon Read

POSTED ON: 6 November 2020

Letter from our minister 06/11/2020

Friday 6th November 2020

Dear friends
I have just returned from a few days away on retreat – the time of year I normally retreat for a few days. This year was obviously very different than others. I retreat in different ways: always to pray and ponder and rest – sometimes with others and sometimes on my own. This year was very different. The last 3 years I have always retreated on my own and appreciated the silence and no conversations. This year I joined in with other Methodist Women Ministers on their zoom retreat. Away from the vicarage, on my own but connected with others that I haven’t met in real life before. I did rest – but the zoom sessions did play havoc with my usual sleep pattern. We looked at Icons – windows into scenes and life. There is much to continue to ponder and pray about. As I returned home – I noticed poppies on people’s vehicles, in windows, as well as being worn. It reminded me of a retreat a number of years ago when I went to stay with the Northumbria Community. I took time to visit the ‘Poppies weeping window’ displayed at Woodhorn Colliery at Ashington. it was truly a magnificent and stunning tribute which was only a small part of what had been at the Tower of London. Perhaps you got to see the display in London or in the area when they visited. This reminds us of the commemoration of those who sacrificed their lives for the service of their king and country during the First World War. November is the time of year when we remember those who had fallen in all conflicts since WW1. We symbolise this when we wear our poppies as a way of showing respect and honour to those who have died and to keep their memory alive of the sacrifices of war.

It is still important to remember those who have died, who fought for those in our community and our safety: those who died from the communities of Crumpsall, Middleton and Moston along with the places we were born. They died for our freedom and our life, gave us faith and hope for our future. It is important crucially at this time to remember and give thanks to those who gave their lives for us and for those who serve at this time. Our troops in this country and serving overseas. As we look for hope – let us pray that we find our hope in Jesus.

I hope this month as we remember those who have fallen, that we may return to dedicating ourselves afresh to the memory of the sacrifice of Christ for us and give due respect and honour to Him for what he has done for us. We, as Christians, have the symbol of the cross as the reminder of Christ’ sacrifice for us. Whilst we must wear a poppy during this time of year, we must also wear a symbol to reflect our faith in our world that needs to know Christ’ love for all.

Ever-living God
we remember those whom you have gathered
from the storm of war into the peace of your presence;
may that same peace
calm our fears,
bring justice to all peoples
and establish harmony among the nations, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Love and prayers,

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