Moston Methodist Church

Minister – Rev Sharon Read

POSTED ON: 4 April 2020

Letter from our minister 04/04/2020

Saturday 4th April  2020

Dear Friends,

Its hard to believe that we are almost at the end of week 3 since our lives changed and Coronavirus & Corid-19 made us self-isolate, shield and social distancing. I hope that you are adapting and finding new routines in your life and discovering different ways to #stayhome and #staysafe.

It has been great to see communities coming together in ways I vaguely remember as a child but for some of you will remember very strongly. On Sunday nights, we have lit our #candleofhope at 7pm with a few others. On Thursday evenings we have stood on our doorsteps clapping or banging wooden spoons on pans cheering our NHS. Windows are beginning to have pictures of rainbows, sunshines and next week pictures of Easter. It would be great to join in – either design your own or print off the one soon to be available from

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and for those of you eagerly watching our circuit website or social media pages know we are encouraging you to ‘dress your front door’ instead of our tradition of receiving a palm cross. I would also like to invite you to journey with us for ‘Holy Week Tears’ creating a prayer station every day during Holy Week with guidance on reflections, songs and prayers. Watch out on the website for a video message from yours truly (I hated doing this!) and information every day.

I have shed many tears this week…..whilst working on all of this and much more, my trusting MacBook died a death without saving things externally. A big lesson here and a strong encouragement for all of us to learn how to back up and save external and regularly update all your computer gadgets. Its still with the IT man whilst he works on its restoration of some kind. But more tears have been shed as a sudden realisation that my first Easter with you is so far removed from what I ever imagined. This week I lost a computer, my Fitbit also died (this logs my steps and keeps me running) and today I discovered my favourite coffee is out of stock…..but you know all these things are nothing compared to what I know Jesus does for me and for you during this most Holiest of Weeks. It is my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ who has been my rock during these days, He has heard my cries in my prayers for you all and for my family & friends, He has breathed His love and peace into me and it is in the reading of scripture – often familiar words that has been my strength.


May this Holy Week be a time when you draw close to Jesus Christ during his last week on earth. Lets shout our praise and sing our Hosannas and wave our Palm Cross (and dress our doors) and let us walk each day with each other as we journey with Jesus separately yet together as His people – the church, His body here on earth.


Loving God,
This Holy Week help us focus
On the Good News for all in Jesus Christ,
We ask you to fill our hearts and minds with its meaning.
Help us to keep faith with Jesus,
To walk with him along that painful path of true love.
We acknowledge the part we play in the sin that put Him on the cross.
As we hold our palm cross, we offer you our worship,
And we journey throughout this week
To celebrate in the Risen Jesus.
And until we all meet again, may we all know your presence with us

Advise at the moment is that we stop taking risks and stay home and stay safe – this letter will continue to go out to those on email, but please can you continue to check in on those who do not have internet access.

However you are feeling and the choices you are making today – you are not alone. We have an amazing God who loves each and everyone of us and is our rock and refuge during these days.

With love and prayers


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