Moston Methodist Church

Minister – Rev Sharon Read

POSTED ON: 3 December 2020

Letter from our minister 03/12/2020

Thursday 3rd December 2020

Dear friends

Advent is a time of watching and waiting – something we all know about and takes patience. This past week or two has definitely tested my patience whilst trying to behave and help my neck to heal – I have had my car twice on the back of a recovery vehicle. The latter having my 2 children with me as the sun was setting on the m60 with a cat running to attack us on the verge. It caused so much commotion that Highway Agency rang me to find out what was happening and sent an officer to check on us. This weekend saw my trusty 15 year old freezer die a death as I opened it and saw everything defrosted. In the midst of this chaos and trying to cook what I could – my family decided to ask what was for tea. This week I thought would be better until I got a call from school to say Ian had broken his brace – an afternoon on the phone and waiting for call backs no-one could help until the orthodontist opened this morning. No one was more delighted than me that I got a call at 830am with an appointment. Rosie, our youth worker at Moston, in one of our conversations this week reminded me to think positive – it gives me things to write about in my letters. I’d quite like things to be a little calmer that doesn’t test my patience so much. I wonder how Mary found things though…..she had such news to process, journeys to make and responsibilities to carry, all the while saying yes to what God was asking of her. I wonder what she would make of our patience, our watching and our waiting.

A gift to me are the moments when I say no to everything going on and say YES to God and just sit and be in His presence. It was truly a honour this week to share in Expectant Waiting in Advent… hold space with God and other people and to continue to think about Hope. As you read this letter and at the next opportunity to be still, I encourage you to ponder these questions:

What enters your mind when you hear the word HOPE?
Advent is about watching and waiting: where have you seen God at work this week?
Where have you seen HOPE in lockdown?
What part of the Christmas story sparks HOPE for you?
How can we share HOPE this week?

A prayer:

O God, your people looked with hope to a land of promise.
Help us to long for your promises
not the unimportant things of this world.

Have a great week. Stay safe. Stay well. Hold each other in prayer. I look forward to seeing you on our zoom service this Sunday – bring along your advent wreath. Don’t forget to check out the “Virtual Advent Calendar” on the Circuit website and social media. Join me on Wednesday at 6pm for Expectant Waiting in Advent. If you don’t do zoom and would like to use the same material I am using then please get in touch and I can let you have a copy.

Love and prayers, Sharon

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