Moston Methodist Church

Minister – Rev Sharon Read

POSTED ON: 3 September 2020

Letter from our minister 03/09/2020


Thursday 3rd September 2020

Dear Friends,

Happy New Connexional Year!

For many people – the start of the Methodist year and the start of a new educational year – marks the beginning of a fresh start. A new month, a new year, a new something or other. I am beginning to find lockdown hard now, as we live under restrictions that have seen us take a step back to having visitors in our garden and visiting others. My children are returning to school this week, our youngest moving up to High School. Here begins a ‘new normal’ in the Read household and definitely a new routine. Gone are my quiet mornings from 6.30am as now I will have the entire house awake with me (well here is hoping.)

As we think about church life – we too our entering our ‘new normal’ and this is going to take some adjusting. Moston will be holding their first trial service this Sunday. We have completed our risk assessment, we are operating a booking system, instructions have been set out as to how we will be entering, staying and leaving the building all while maintaining 2m social distancing. I will have to prepare myself for behaving differently. I am preparing myself for no singing – this is something I know I am going to struggle with as someone for whom singing is such a huge part of my spirituality. There will be no shaking of hands, hugs, quiet conversations or COFFEE!!! You should know by now how hard that is for me. But together – the people of God – we figure this out and be patient with each other. We have lots of learning to do, lots of reviewing and lots of making sure we try to get it right every time. For Moston – there are no plans beyond Sunday afternoon until we talk again.

It is good to acknowledge the beginnings of things though. My children returning to school has definitely helped that for us here at the vicarage. Whilst everything looks so different, how we live is changing, washing hands regularly and wearing masks and maintaining social distancing – we have a God who is constant and dependable and right now that is what I am holding on to. I have been reminded again of one of my favourite Stuart Townend song – Liturgy of the hours. This song reminds us of the need to pray at different points throughout the day. This is the link on youtube: As I look to the year ahead and pray through this new style and pattern of ministry, I am led to pray ‘With ev’ry morning I will kneel to pray, to be a blessing in this coming day, in ev’rything I say and ev’rything I do, to wholly honour you.’

I pray that for you all – wherever you are and whatever you are doing – you will know God’s presence with you. At your speed, in your time – we will open our front doors and get involved in the world out there. Until we feel safe and comfortable – we are able to communicate via phone, email, texts and zoom calls. If you want any further information then please get in touch. If you haven’t joined the circuit zoom service and would like to via your computer/tablet/mobile or landline telephone then please ask for help. Junior Church will continue with videos from Rosie and myself with sheets to print or receive in the post. This letter will stop being a weekly letter as you will appreciate life is fast changing and I am no longer staying home as much. I will move to writing once a month. The worship material produced for the circuit website will be posted out to those who do not have internet access every week. Please know that even though my letters aren’t as regular – I still hold you in my thoughts and prayers, please contact me if you would like a chat. As we are under local lockdown – I am unable to carry out any visits until The Methodist Church changes its advise. Please stay safe, coronavirus is still being contracted and we need to maintain all that is asked of us. I hold on to something I read a few weeks into lockdown – we all go at our own speed coming out of lockdown – do what you feel comfortable and safe.

With love and prayers,

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