Moston Methodist Church

Minister – Rev Sharon Read

POSTED ON: 3 June 2020

Letter from our minister 03/06/2020

Wednesday 3rd June 2020 

Dear Friends,

I hope that you are all continuing to stay safe and stay well as lockdown has moved to stay alert. As a family we have still carried out the things we began at the beginning of lockdown and stayed home. Yet it is getting hard for all of us, isn’t it? We miss our friends and family more. We miss going to the places that are part of our regular life. We are perhaps in work situations that we never expected, working more in frontline areas and becoming more vulnerable to catching the coronavirus. We miss being able to hug our family and friends. We miss attending funerals and saying goodbye. There are easy days and downright difficult frustrating and emotional ones as we renegotiate life another day and another week.

June for me is a month I always look forward to – memories, birthdays and anniversaries. This past 10 days – I have relived a life changing pilgrimage I took to the Holy Land 4 years ago. I have done this through photo timehop on my phone & social media – a wonderful part of technology. When I close my eyes, I can still remember walking in the footsteps of Jesus, having my mind blown away, and having my calling into ministry renewed in such a powerful way by the seashores of Galilee. I was a co-leader for a church group in the North East of England and it was such a privilege to journey with that group as well as having so many special Godly moments for myself. My study and my house contain many mementos of that trip as well as photographs. I look at 2 particularly as I sit at my desk - one of me preaching and one of me presiding over communion – a reminder of God’s calling when I am having a difficult moment. In these days of frustration – of being at home every day – it has been good to remind myself of this journey. A reminder of the things that Jesus prompted me of and taught me while I was there. I long to sit at St Peter Primacy at Sea of Galilee on that large stone thinking about Jesus reinstating Peter – the silence and peace of the lake watching the herons take flight. One day I hope to take a group myself. In the meantime – these photos that appear in my timehop, the thoughts that pop to mind as I read scriptures, the holding cross I hold in daily prayer – all remind me and help carry me during those wobbly moments.

From Ascension Day to Pentecost – many of us journeyed with Thy Kingdom Come and their prayer journal. I hope that you found this helpful. Whether you did or didn’t take part – I would like to encourage you to think about 5 people who do not know Jesus – and pray for them every day….but not just pray, find ways of sharing the love of Jesus with them. On Sunday night, Al Lowe and I challenged you to invite someone along to the Circuit Zoom service or if that’s not appropriate to Sanctus. If you already join us on Sunday evenings – is there someone you can invite too….if you haven’t tried the zoom service, then have a think about joining us. Caroline Wickens opens the zoom at 6pm for general chats – separates some into breakout rooms for catching up in individual churches then we start promptly at 6.30pm when we are all muted by the wonderful Abigail Parr and the service begins. If you don’t want to be seen on screen – just switch off the video of yourself. If you need help accessing zoom then please let me know. For those of you without internet access, you can also telephone in. To join the circuit Sunday zoom service – please email Caroline for the log in information. To find out more about Sanctus and join their Wednesday night gathering please contact Al Lowe. Information on the website or on an old preaching plan – or again contact me.

Acts 1:14 tells us that the disciples joined constantly together in prayer while they waited for the gift of the Holy Spirit. It strikes me that we must all do the same – constantly pray until we can meet together again safely. I pray every morning at 9am – often using the pattern for Daily Prayer from the Northumbria Community – and pray for all of you and those who send me specific requests during that time. Across the country other people are doing the same. I am in touch with a number of people who don’t attend church of any kind (in fact count being at church when they have a chat with me!) and they are also pausing at 9am and lighting a candle. Let us continue to hold one another in prayer – when we are good, lets encourage others and when we are struggling lets lean on our fellow brothers and sister in Christ. May you know God holding you this day.

With love and prayers, Sharon

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